you had me at the klaxon…

So, I know Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, but did they get ILM too? And isn’t ILM at the Skywalker Ranch? Did Disney get the ranch? Doesn’t Lucas live there?

How does that work? I mean, I can just see Lucas drifiting around the production facility in his robe and Where The Wild Things Are house-slippers:

Lucas: Hey, what are you guys working on?

Ben Burtt: Nothing George, nothing, um, we’re kinda busy here…

Lucas: Hey! Is this the new BB-8?

Burtt: CAREFUL George! That’s really expensive…

Lucas: (dejected) Sorry. (brightening up) Hey, I’m thinking about going to Subway, you guys want anything?

Burtt: No, we’re good, George.

Lucas: Okay. (shuffles off)